Art After Dark



Art After Dark, a community-building event series, is presented in June, August and September 2018  by Healdsburg Center for the Arts, in partnership with the City of Healdsburg’s Community Services Dept.

June 22 Entertainment:

6:05   Santa Rosa Junior College Dance Department

6:25   Healdsburg Ukulele Club

7:05   Margo Perin

7:30  Moon Alley

8:05 Raven Players

8:25 Margo Perin

9:00 Moon Alley

HCA thanks the following for their generous sponsorship of Art After Dark:









Apply for booth space:

2018 Art After Dark Artist Application

Artists are invited to apply to display their work on one of the Art After Dark evenings. Artists are responsible for their display and booth, electrical hookup will be provided for booth lighting. Setup begins at 4:00 PM, Open at 6:00 PM; Breakdown/cleanup 9:45 PM. 100% of sales goes to the artist. Note: the July Art After Dark is the first day of a three day Healdsburg Art Festival and will have a separate application process. Artists' works will be reviewed by a jury for selection. Your booth fee is due within 10 days of notification of acceptance. Artists selecting to be in all three Art After Dark events will receive a 10% discount on their booth fee.

Please describe the work you propose to display. Include your website if available.


Please upload an example of the work you would like to display. (2mb max file size)


Max file size 2mb


Maximum size 2MB


Maximum size 2MB

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“This is what I’ve dreamed of since visiting NOLA and Frenchman’s street art show! Thank you! –Rose Fabian p.s. great job having all arts represented tonight!
“Really fun, creative event. Sorry that this is my first Art After Dark. But I will have next year to look forward to. Great music, artists.” ☺
“Art is a way to express your feelings.” –Katiane
“How to monetize AAD? If people appreciate this so much there should be some way for them to open their wallets and rain cash down on the organizers.”
“I hecking love this.”
“Art is not a crime.”
“Earth without art is just Eh! –Sofia Villa
“More older kids stuff. I like new things.”
“I love this.”
“Roses are red, violets are blue, Art After Dark is certainly for you.”
“There are things in life that can’t be unseen.”
“This is community. ART UNITES US. It is a neutralizer. This is US. Healdsburg. WE.”
“Art is something I will always love.”
“Quiet corner for story time.”
“Love it. More older kids stuff, though.”
“Great music.”|
“Let’s paint asphalt.”
“Couldn’t hear the poetry.”
“One of the best community events I’ve participated in. Love the vibe, culture and art.”
“The best art happens in the dark.”
“Standing in one place for 45 minutes makes your feet tired. We would love tired feet every month!!!”
“Shea Breaux Wells = sensational”
“Good job, Gina!” –Teri M.
“I love art.”
“Simply brilliant. LOVE”
“More 4th Fridays. Ok, what about every Friday? FIRST Fridays?”
“Absolutely wonderful for building authentic community! Thank you all organizers and participants! Especially Gina.” –Nora 
“Always believe. If you don’t succeed try again.” –Allie 
“The art is awesome.” –Samuel L.
“This is what binds our community together.”
“I love it.”
“Microphones for performances – especially the Raven players. Can’t hear.”
“I love art.” –Maria, 2017
“Fun, fun times. Wow.”
“Yay, Gina. Great job.” –Jessica 
“Wine express in the house.”
“Extend towards Healdsburg Ave. On Plaza to accommodate crowd…love it.”
“I like it on the street.”
“I love it but more kid stuff, also for older kids.”
“Congrats on a wonderful concept and event.” –BG
“Great event! Let’s do more!” –David Hagele, council member
“We could not hear Penelope and Heruacro ready poetry. Is there a way to fix that next time?” –S. Binckley
“Let’s do this every month. Thank you.”
“Yes! Let’s do this every month.”
“Please consider closing this section of the street to vehicle traffic permanently. This event is great. Maybe a weekly event next year.”
“Art will always be in my heart.”
“MORE big kid stuff.”





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