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Rhythm - Exhibition

Exhibit runs June 2 – July 16. Located at HCA on 334 Center Street, Healdsburg.

Daniel Oliver

I use the hand building technique for my work. It gives me the freedom I want to create my pieces.

I begin with a slab or extruded piece of clay, add textures on the surface then shape my forms until I am pleased with what I see.

I mostly do Raku firing which gives my work an earthy look. I brush, stamp or trail glaze my designs. For my vases, I use high fire glazes so they can hold water. Then, when my pieces are in the kiln it is up to the Kiln Goddess.

I am not in control of what happens in the firing. I am but one element of the process. At the end , it is all about having a good time and I will hope that it shows in my work.
All of my pieces are one of a kind.