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White Freesia II

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Tania Amochaev - “PARIS “ Street photography  



Ingrid Wheeler

I became fascinated with jewelry making while visiting San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. The explosion of color was overwhelming. I explored all the little streets with their intriguing shops and markets and all the profusion of local crafts. This inspired me to take advantage of the vibrant colors and textures and make my own creations.

Usually, I let the stones and beads guide me when making my choice of materials to use for a necklace. I do not have a fixed design in my head. And whatever it is that appeals to me in size, color and texture starts forming the design in front of me. But in the end it is always the translucence of the stones or beads that inspire me.

When we go on trips I am constantly on the look out for interesting medallions and pendants which adds to the adventure of sightseeing and the appeal of a necklace.