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Vesna Breznikar

My lifelong study of art led me to my current career in Interior Design. The work incorporates all the many media and practices from my prior art experiences but using a much broader scale . My prior careers in art included being an educator, gallery owner , art show curator, Art Center Board Member and President.

As an artist I worked in several media : painting, ceramics and jewelry.

Around my early thirties I discovered Memphis Milan furniture from Italy. Their playful approach to form and color was an inspiration. For the next twenty years I designed original furniture pieces and painted them with wild abandon. I exhibited nationally and created numerous custom pieces. My furniture work segued into interior design which I find very stimulating and rewarding.

Living in Healdsburg for the past 25 years , surrounded by great natural beauty inspired me in a new way. I became intrigued with leaves , their shape, color and texture. I experimented in several media to create my own interpretation.

The current combination of materials allows me to work intuitively . The design is guided by organic materials. Willow branches are the backbone, bronze wire plays within this constraint . The parchment fills the void with line and texture and the shellac tightens the parchment and adds color and transparency. I am drawing lines with string to create tension between geometric and organic forms .

This process of creating art has given me freedom to study the materials and the shapes that are possible . I am curious to see what else can be created with them. I envision making pods, husks and skeletal remains of imagined flora.

Nature is a wonderful teacher and a constant inspiration.