Ayse Kozaci

The inspiration for my designs originates from nature and the architecture of places I have lived.
I create my jewelry by combining metals with variety of materials such as horn, bone, seeds, gemstones and recycled objects. These found objects might be a piece of cork, an eraser, colorful pushpins or paint brushes. By combining silver with these art objects, I allow the jewelry to become ‘wearable playthings’ that can give the wearer both joy and a unique style.
My recent collection is inspired by trees; especially by their resilient, humble yet majestic nature. Trees such as giant coastal California redwoods transcend timescales at a much different pace than other creatures on this planet. I find this a fascinating but usually an overlooked natural wonder. Trees are tough but delicate enough to sway with the wind, they are old but always young enough for re-growth. They keep memories of our planet spanning hundreds of seasons.
My work strives to resemble this wisdom. Their trunks give life to sprawling new habitats as in an array of colorful brushes projecting into new creations, they pass the torch of life from generation to generation as my hand-made chains resemble the cycle of life.