Painting and Drawing

Cathy Locke will help you learn to accurately render a clothed figure. This class covers anatomy for the artist. Students will learn measuring techniques as well as value patterns and color theory. Lots of one-on-one guidance with a morning demo and instruction throughout the day. Students at all levels are welcome. You can use any medium of your choice. Materials will not be supplied.

Instructor: Cathy Locke
Date: May 19, 2018
Time: 10AM – 5:00PM (includes 1 hour lunch break)
Location: HCA 
Registration Fee: $125
Ages 16 – Adult

Registration: CLICK HERE






About Cathy

I hold a B.F.A. from Art Center College of Design and a M.F.A. from the Academy of Art University, both with honors. I currently teach a variety of figurative courses in the graduate department at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I have received accolades for my work from the Pastel Society of America, Art Directors Club of New York, Society of Illustrators in Los Angeles, Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, the Pastel Journal and Campaign Papers. I have also received two Pastel 100 Awards placing me as one of the top 100 pastelists in the world. My work is collected by civic institutions, colleges and universities, and private patrons across the United States, Canada and Europe.

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Abstract Composition with Andrea Wedell

DATE: June 23, 2018
TIME: 10 AM – 2 PM
LOCATION: Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Art Room
Perfect for beginning to advanced students, ages 16 – adult

Register for June 23 – Click HERE

Making abstract art is all about improvisation and the exhilarating process of calling and responding to what you’re doing as you go along. The end result of a successful painting, often combines qualities of spontaneous aliveness and effortless grace. In this workshop you’ll gain confidence with your abstract painting, by :
• Learning key composition concepts that you can easily apply,
• Experimenting with how shapes play against each other • Learning to use value changes effectively to strengthen the work,
• Harmonizing color to make it sing
• Glazing color for nuance and jewel like depth
• Making exciting marks to add rhythm and variety to the work
With these skills, you’ll be ready to focus on where to draw inspiration, and will be guided to create paintings that express your own visual vocabulary and singular voice.
The demonstrations and practice will be about making abstract art with water based acrylic paint

In this workshop you’ll gain confidence with your abstract painting, by:

  • Learning key composition concepts that you can easily apply, 
  • Experimenting with how shapes play against each other,
  • Learning to use value changes effectively to strengthen the work, 
  • Harmonizing color to make it sing,
  • Glazing color for nuance and jewel like depth,
  • Making exciting marks to add rhythm and variety to the work.

With these skills, you’ll be ready to focus on where to draw inspiration, and will be guided to create paintings that express your own visual vocabulary and singular voice. The demonstrations and practice will be about making abstract art with water based acrylic paint

About Andrea:

With a long history of studying art in France, Andrea has a bachelor of Arts from UCLA.  She studied under acclaimed Beaux Art teachers Michele Massiou and Jacqueline Guillermain for over 10 years in Paris. She worked with abstract artist and educator Marianne Mitchell in Colorado for two years to further develop her multi -layering abstract technique.She began exhibiting regularly at the Grand Marche d’Art Contemporain before becoming a permanent artist with Galerie BE Espace also in Paris for 10 years. Her work has been published by Les Editions Arcadia in France. In California, she’s a featured artist at Toadfish Contemporary Gallery in Sausalito.She has been making art for two decades, and teaching for one. 


Recommended Materials List
Healdsburg Center for the Arts will have some acrylics and brushes available.

8 (or more) 12 x 12 – or other sizes you prefer-  gesso panel boards – either cradled or flat (Ampersand brand Gessobords™highly recommended),

Small container of gesso

Yes ! glue (if you want to do collage)

Paper palettes

Painting knives 

A few brushes (you can bring what you have – or buy « chip brushes » at Home Depot or any hardware store

Paper towels

Pencils for quick,compositional sketching and mark making

Wax paper to cover and carry wet paintings 

Trash bags

Palette cups

An open mind ☺

Minimum basic palette of oil or acrylix colors:

Titanium White (large tube)

Zinc White

Paynes grey

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Cadmium Red Light or Winsor Red

Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Lemon

Cerulean Blue, Manganese Hue, or

 Sevres Blue (by Rembrandt™) — pick one of these greenish blues

French Ultramarine Blue

Colors you can add later:

Perm Rose, Perm Madder Deep (Rembrandt), Cad Red

Deep, Cad Orange, Mars Red or Violet, Burnt Sienna,

Indian Yellow, Yellow Ochre Pale, Cad Green Pale, Perm

Green Light, Winsor Emerald, Oxide of Chromium,

Viridian, Mauve Blue Shade, Perm Mauve, 

Mediums :

Liquitex mat fluid medium

Liquitex comes in varying thicknesses – choose a thicker one in addition to the fluid one

Extras : solid marker (solidified paint)

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Loose & Expressive Acrylic Painting with Joanie Springer

Find out how creative YOU are!  In each session, Joanie will demo with acrylic paint and lead you through every step. Lots of instruction for loosening up and enjoying more. Here’s a chance to paint more expressively than you would on your own.
Joanie Springer is a popular Sonoma County art instructor and will be doing a quarterly series at HCA. Her expressive paintings are collected locally and internationally. Her enthusiasm for creativity is contagious!

This series is open to artists 16 years and up! ONLY ONE RULE: NO FUSSINESS ALLOWED! 

10:00AM – 2:00PM

Fun Florals

We will paint a few fun florals from life and I’ll show you how to transform photo or magazine images into something original. Feel free to bring a vase with fresh flowers, simple is good.

For artists 16 – Adult
Registration Fee: $80

Register for Spring session click HERE


10:00AM – 2:00PM

Fruity Fun

We will paint an assortment of fruit from life and I’ll show you how to make original paintings from photos or magazine pics or you can bring fruit, bowls, even teacups from home.

For artists 16 – Adult
Registration Fee: $80

Register for Summer session click HERE



 Materials List for Joanie’s workshops 

Please bring the following supplies: 

1. Apron – art can be messy business ; ) 

2. Water container, rag, some paper towels 

3. Brushes – an assortment is good 

4. Acrylic paints – artist or student quality, even Martha Stewart craft paints would be fine 

5. 140lb watercolor paper or canvas. Bring extra paper too in case you finish early. 

6. Sketchbook and pencil for our practice sessions 

7. A palette larger than 8 x 10 for mixing your paints. The more room the better. 

8. Bring printouts of your subject, or have it on a tablet you wish to work from. Phones are generally too small to work from. But not impossible. 

We will be taking a lunch break. Great restaurants nearby. Or bring a bag lunch. 

A copyright free website with awesome images is 


Faces are exciting, moody, full of character…the tilt of the head, the glint in the eye, the way the mouth is drawn….faces are fascinating to paint. Bring a mirror if you would like to try a self-portrait, and/or bring magazine pics of faces you would like to paint, family photos, good face shots, or just use your imagination! 


There’s nothing more heartwarming than painting our furry friends. Bring a picture of your pet, a few different views would help. Focus on face or tilted head. Bring any picture of an animal you love and wish to paint. 


Best subject ever! Bring a small vase and some flowers. You can paint what you bring, or we can mix up all the different vases and flowers and have a few options to paint from. We will work from our own arranged floral setup or group set up. Alternatively, you can bring a few reference pics of florals you like. 


Welcome to joyous still life painting. Bring fruit, or some little objects around your house. Even a flower is fine. Maybe a napkin, or something fun like a patterned scarf or tablecloth. We will work from our own arranged objects. Tea cups, coffee cups, but don’t forget the fruit! Lemons, apples, pears…berries.


Previous Sessions

JSpringer_My Frida_072016

Dec 9, 2017  10:00AM – 2:00PM

Fabulous Faces

Using acrylics, we will paint a few fun and fabulous faces. Bring photos or magazine pics and we’ll transform them.

For artists 16 – Adult
Registration Fee: $80



JSpringer_Mr Dress Up June 2016

Furry Friends

Winter – Feb 17, 2018
10:00AM – 2:00PM

Using acrylics, we will paint our furry (and unfurry!) pets. You can bring pictures of your favorite animals, too, and we’ll transform them into something original.

For artists 16 – Adult
Registration Fee: $80

Register for Winter session click HERE



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For Everyone, Every Age & Every Level


Create your Class: For Kids & Adults

A customized art experience for everyone, every age and every level.
Art Anytime allows students of all ages to design classes during convenient times that work well with their schedules. Whether for one person, a group of five or a pack of 20, we can arrange an instructor to teach the medium of your choice at a time that’s convenient for you in your space or ours.
Explore wheel throwing for an evening, plan your own canvas & cocktails gathering, multi-generational art experience or take advantage of an artist’s expertise in a specialized medium such as printmaking, cooking or photography. ART ANYTIME is perfect for birthday parties, reunion activities, corporate events, or specialized one on one instruction. Art Anytime is open to all ages . 
If you wish to schedule an ART ANYTIME session, please fill out the web form below, or give us a call at 707-344-2248.
Pricing: Private classes run $65-$100 per hour (minimum 2 hours) for one person, depending on the instructor. Additional students are just $25 per hour. A per-person materials fee also applies. Generally, materials fees start at $15 per person, but can run as high at $50, depending on the medium.
Cancellation: There is a $50 cancellation fee on private classes. No refund will be given when a cancellation is made less than 3 days before the class begins.


General Program Information Private classes run $65-$100 per hour (minimum 2 hours) for one person, depending on the instructor. Additional students are just $25 per hour. A per-person materials fee also applies. Generally, materials fees start at $10 per person, but can run as high at $50, depending on the medium. COMPLETE THIS FORM AND OUR CREATIVE EDUCATION COORDINATOR WILL GET BACK TO YOU.

Area Code and seven digit number (format: ###-###-####)

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Watercolor & Journaling

 with Jean Warren

The practice of keeping a watercolor journal helps to nurture our creative spirit, and keeps the wildness alive inside us! Come join us as we combine words with our sketches and paintings. This is where we do our thinking and exploring. We’ll play with the paint and then write about it. Create a Haiku and then illustrate it. Word salads and word whittling, painting our feelings and the abstract!

Friday Sessions 
 April 20, May 11 and 25, 
Jun 22 and 29, Jul 13 and 20, Aug 3 and 17

10am – 3pm, bring a lunch/snacks 

$35/session advanced registration recommended

click to REGISTER NOW!

Jean holds a BA in Art Education and has been painting and teaching for over 35 years. Her paintings are included in public, corporate, and private collections and she is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, California Watercolor Association, and the Society of Layerists in Multi-Media. Jean has recently joined Healdsburg Center for the Arts as an exhibiting artist.

Materials List  


Healdsburg Center for the Arts 


  • Please bring sketches (preferable) or your own photos to work from.
  • Bring your usual watercolor supplies or the following suggested items:
    • Watercolor Sketchbook, 9×12 or 11×14, 140lb
      Online: Dick Blick – Canson Montval Art Book, 11×14, 140lb
      Cheap Joes – American Journey, Sanders Waterford paper, 9×12, 140lb
      Or any you can find in stores. Do not get the blocks (edges glued together).
    • Watercolor palette- I like John Pike, Alvin or a butcher tray
    • Watercolor tube paints- any red, yellow, blue (warm & cool of each)
      Winsor Newton, Holbein, Daniel Smith, Schmincke, or Graham
      My favorite triad: Winsor Blue (red shade), Winsor Red, New Gamboge
      I also use- Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Manganese Blue, Carmine, Permanent Rose, Scarlet Lake, Perinone Orange, Raw Sienna, Aureolin, Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Winsor Green, Green Gold, Sap Green, Permanent Green Light
    • Watercolor brushes- #12 or 16 round, 2” wash flat, 1” aquarelle flat, #20 large round, (synthetics are good)
  • Water container, spray bottle
  • Paper towels or rags
  • Pencils- HB, 2B, 6B
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Optional- w/c crayons, w/c pencils, waterproof pens 
  • Sources: 

Art & Soul, Sebastopol
Riley Street Art Supplies, Santa Rosa
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff

Questions: or 707-875-9240



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Sculpting with PAPERCLAY

Sculptor, Michele Collier, will lead the exploration the evocative power of figurative sculpture using slabs of PAPERCLAY.

We will leave behind the hinderances of regular clay and break a few rules as we let our creativity soar. Experienced artists will learn new skills and beginners will feel comfortable using this hybrid clay for the first time.

In slab form, this clay can be twisted, folded, squeezed and torn to mimick the human form. Because of the wicking properties that come from the paper additives, it will easily adhere to itself…no scoring or slipping needed. We will break some rules and also learn some new ones as you delve into this modern, user-friendly medium. Surface treatment will be discussed and recipe sheets for the stains and oxides will be provided.

We will be creating a full torso sculpture with a focus on expressing a sense of “story” or an emotion by using body movement and the placement of heads and hands. As an added component Michele encourages each person to include a muse in the form of an animal. What is your muse?

Michele discovered clay at the age of 18. She  learned traditional forms on a kick-wheel at Sacramento City College, Sacramento Ca. In those days functional work was the gold standard. Hands-on clay has been a touchstone for her ever since. Throughout careers in both commercial and fine art, clay was the one medium she could return to when she needed to restore focus and sense of self. 

Dates: July 7 & 8 10:00AM – 4:00PM (we will take one hour for lunch) 
Registration Fee:$220 (registration includes one sack of PAPERCLAY)       click here to REGISTER NOW!

Join Michele for a free introductory lecture and demo:
Friday, July 6  7–9PM



Students should bring to class:

WOODEN ROLLING PIN (no metal or stone please…the clay will stick)
RED RUBBER RIB (red, because it’s the softest)
SMOOTH METAL RIB (no serrated edges)
12 X 20  BOARD (you will build your wall-hung sculpture on this)

CLAY…one bag of clay is included with your registration fee. More will be available at $20.00 a bag.

We will not be firing, but Paper clay transports well in the green state. I will cover a process for preserving your work without firing. As well as recipe sheets for my finishes.


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Mentoring: Mixed Media, Marketing



Learn new skills and enhance your art practice through one-on-one mentoring with mixed-media artist, printmaker, and photographer Jeremy Joan Hewes. In two-hour hands-on work sessions in the classroom at Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Jeremy will share her knowledge and experience on topics that you want to explore. Content covered in each mentoring session will be determined by prearrangement, so that you can try new skills, develop variations on familiar techniques, or master details of marketing, such as preparing images for a competition or matting and framing your work.
Mentoring sessions are limited to one or two participants to allow each person to use the tools and materials and apply the techniques covered. Jeremy will demonstrate, offer tips and suggestions, and work along with participants. Basic materials and essential tools are provided, and artists may bring their own materials as well. Jeremy will also provide notes and resource lists for the content of mentoring sessions. Mentoring topics include (but are not limited to):

Mixed Media, Printmaking, Photography
– Preparing and printing images on special papers, such as mulberry paper; computer, printer, some paper provided
– Collaging images printed on mulberry paper onto other surfaces, such as a painting, special paper, or a fine art print; sample materials provided
– Painting abstract backgrounds for mixed-media works on paper or canvas, using acrylic paints; mark-making tools, stamps, and stencils; selected papers, paints, and tools provided
– Exploring encaustics (melted wax, usually containing pigment) on paper, using a Hotbox; drawing with encaustics directly on a heated aluminum plate and transferring the wax to various papers; using tools, stamps, and stencils with wax on paper; selection of materials provided
– Making simple prints: using a very small press (paper 5 inches wide at most) or printing by hand with a pinpress (metal “rolling pin” designed for printmaking), a glass baren, or other tools; all inks are water-soluble and nontoxic; clean-up with water and gentle soap; selected inks and papers provided

Marketing Your Art
– Preparing an online application for an art event or competition; participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet to work with digital images and online content
– Matting and framing basics: ordering mats and frames online; matting with archival materials and conservation techniques; assembling mats and frames; sources and tips; some mats and framing materials provided
– Adjusting images digitally: resize, reshape, crop; make edges straight (when a photo of artwork is not quite “square”); removing spots or dirt; extending edges a bit; saving a master version of each file; making a copy for each size of print; sample images provided; participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet and digital images
– Varied image manipulation techniques in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or another image editor, such as using filters, adjustment layers, opacity, curves, color modifications, and more. Specifics planned to participants’ interests and work; participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet and digital images
– Creating an image library: organizing images (of your work, reference sources, others); adding keywords for searching and sorting; adding copyright and creator data; making subsets of images by subject, location, and other criteria

Instructor: Jeremy Joan Hewes

Ages: 18 and older
Location: Classes held at HCA classroom
Time: determined by student and instructor
Fee: $200 / Four 2-hour sessions
For space availability and to determine topics, contact Jeremy at:
Phone: (707) 535-0931

For mail-in registration, download class registration form here (PDF)

Online payment and registration (credit card only)

About the Instructor: Jeremy Joan Hewes has been a gallery artist at HCA for more than 3 years, participates in Art at the Source Open Studios, and was a founding artist at Riverfront Gallery in Petaluma (2007 to 2010). She has studied mixed media and painting with Teddy Elston and Maury Lapp, printmaking with Ron Pokrasso, Alan Azhderian, and Will Smith, encaustics with Paula Roland and at Wax Works West, and photography with Eddie Soloway and Nevada Wier at Sante Fe Workshops. Her work has been shown throughout northern California, in a solo gallery exhibit in Los Angeles, and at the Museum of the Gulf Coast.

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