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Quilted Collage

Expect this to be a fun, creative, beginner-friendly, out-of-the-box class. You do not need to have any quilting skills besides basic knowledge of how to do freehand machine quilting on your home sewing machine, nor do you need to be a recognized artist. You will discover the “artist within” as you play with the fabrics of your choice to create a small (about 2’ by 3’) collage wall quilt. Subject matter can be a landscape, a still life, or even a fantasy scene… whatever moves you to want to create it in fabric. You will start with a photo of your chosen scene for inspiration and beyond that your own imagination is the limit. (One caution though… for beginners it is smart to avoid subjects that include complicated architecture such as houses or bridges. You will get frustrated trying to get the perspective and details “right.” It will be more fun to stick to nature scenes, where nothing you do can possibly be “wrong.”)

Basic technique is raw-edge fabric collage, where cut or torn pieces of fabric (and/or other materials) are layered and freely arranged to create as much or as little detail in your piece as you see fit. Nothing is pinned or sewn until you are happy with your design, so the stakes are low and the composition can be changed infinitely. There are no patterns, no directions, and no rules.

The piece you create in the first day can be machine quilted in the second day of the class or at home. In the second day you will learn how to add borders and create dimensional foreground details in a slightly different raw-edge applique technique


Please read this carefully and bring as much stuff as you possibly can! You will have more fun if you come set up with all the materials you need.

  • a photo (or several photos) of some subject that pleases you- this will be your inspiration for your project
  • cotton backing fabric for a 2’ x 3’ (maximum size) quilt- YOU CAN WORK SMALLER IF YOU LIKE (It is easier to work small if this is your first class)
  • several 2’ x 3’ pieces of tulle (the lightweight kind also known as “illusion”… NOT coarse netting)- bring several different colors so you can try them out over your collage and choose the one you like best. Dark colors generally work best, unless you want a foggy or washed-out look
  • a piece of THIN batting that is big enough to fit your quilt (cotton, bamboo or wool)
  • lots of fabric- scraps are fine, but be sure to bring 6 or 8 fabrics in each color you think you might want to use. Include DARK darks and LIGHT lights. Remember… this is a collage and contrast is necessary for images to stand out!
  • novelty fabrics- shiny, transparent, metallic, textured
  • embellishments- any kind of threads, strings, ribbons, lace, yarn, sequins, buttons
  • fabric scissors (rotary cutters are not necessary for this “freehand” style)
  • dark chocolate to share
  • lots of straight pins- the thin, glass-headed ones are best (I mean LOTS… like a whole box full!)
  • your sewing machine and EVERYTHING that goes with it (optional)
  • a machine quilting or darning or stippling foot to do freehand quilting around the curving edges of your design elements
  • quilting thread- I like to use the Sulky variegated rayon thread, but anything will do that blends with your fabric choices, except for metallic (too hard to use on a first project!)
  • bobbin thread that will work with your backing fabric







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Date: February 21 and 22

Time: 10:00Am - 4:00PM (30 min lunch break)

Instructor: Laura Fogg

Age / Level: Adults ages 18 plus, beginner to some experience

Class Size: 10

Location: Healdsburg Community Center - 1557 Healdsburg Ave.

Deadline to enroll: Feb. 18

Fee: $225

Instructor: Laura Fogg