Debbie Groff

For me, there is something different about making my way in the world with my camera in hand. I count on the symbiotic relationship between how the camera changes my state of mind and the images that I eventually capture. The result may be sensual, humorous, lead to a feeling of wonder, curiosity or the unexpected. But, truthfully, that is typically just the beginning. I love to take that result and “push” it… by abstracting it, adding color, giving it an “old world” look with a variety of transfer and manipulation techniques. Every picture can tell a story – it may begin as my story – but I am thrilled when the viewer interprets the image to tell a story of their own. I have had the privilege of being a founding artist at the Riverfront Gallery in Petaluma, as well as exhibiting my work at numerous Bay Area galleries. I take inspiration from artists such as Ansel Adams, Eddie Soloway, Dewitt Jones, Georgia O’Keefe and Helen Frankenthaler, as well as any and every place I have the opportunity to travel.