Dianna Badalament

Growing up in Long Island, New York provided me with the unique experience to be inspired by both the bounties of nature and the richness of an urban, cultural mecca; a beautiful exercise in duality.  Beachcombing and making talismans from the ocean’s treasures are some of my best and earliest memories, as are adventures to the various museums, theaters and vibrant havens and haunts of New York. Living in some of the world’s most naturally beautiful and culturally rich locations continues to be a source of inspiration: India, The Netherlands, and, Wine Country and Lake Tahoe in California. Inspiration also comes from ancient stories, rock & roll, and various life experiences. Recreating the feeling of awe and wonder when you find that perfect shell nestled at the waterline, when you see that towering architecture in a far off land, the pristine beauty of “Alpineglow” while up in the snowy mountains, witnessing your favorite band’s perfect set, receiving an emotional embrace that is clearly a breakthrough from the hugger, is something I work to capture in my jewelry while balancing organic and rustic elements, precious metals and gems, classical metalsmithing foundations and contemporary design.

My jewelry collections are named for the mythological deities of Ancient Rome and Greece. Ancient myth’s divine characters, symbolism as well as the personification of nature and life works are an endless muse. Feeling like a modern god or goddess in each piece of adornment is an ideal state of being.  The idea that the majority of ancient myths are younger than the art of goldsmithing is also awe-inspiring and enchanting in it’s own right. One of the principal deities of Roman mythology is the god of fire and forge, Vulcan.