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Magic Suitcase

Happening every 3rd Monday of the month at HCA!!!

HCA is hosting free public readings of original plays by the Raven Players each month at HCA. The readings are FREE & open to the public. A $10 donation is encouraged but not required. Wine be available for $5 during the readings.

Next Reading: Monday, July 15, 7pm
Magic Suitcase
By Bonnie Jean Shelton

Three unique women, with three different backgrounds, become an unlikely trio of friends as they struggle through the loss of loved ones, the truth behind secrets, and the tearing apart and mending of great relationships. These women find that they can rely on a traveling suitcase that always seems to have just the right thing in it at just the right time. Magic Suitcase is a powerful story of loss, gain, and the magical bond between friends who come together to support one another through those explosive, yet character building moments, in life.