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Art Trails - Exhibition Preview

Sep 7 - Oct 8. Located at HCA on 334 Center Street, Healdsburg.

Anita Selinger

Designing and making beautiful jewelry is my medium of artistic expression. The metal arts combine the three-dimensional and tactile elements of sculpture with the colors and composition of the painting.

Most of my original works of art are cast into silver and gold using the lost wax process. I achieve my fine details by sculpting and carving the wax models and working directly in the metal by sawing, filing, hammering, and soldering. My passion for color is fulfilled by the richness of combining different precious metals, vitreous enameling, and adding exquisite natural gemstones. I feel that I am painting with gemstones when I play with different combinations of accent stones combined with enamel colors to create a harmonious composition of beauty and light.

Inspiration for my designs is drawn from architectural detailing, nature, paintings, and history—whatever catches my eye and fires my imagination. I love working with individuals to create unique, custom-designed, wearable works of art that are elegant and timeless: a combination of the past and present that will be cherished long into the future.

Please look at the Jewelry Galleries to see examples of my many lovely designs. And please contact me, by phone or email, if you are interested in my jewelry or if you have any questions.

Barbara Schwartzberg

These pieces are handbuilt with custom porcelain paper clay. Texture is applied with texture mats and stamps. They are fired to cone 5 in oxidation.

Growing up in Philadelphia, inspired by Asian art, this body of work, ‘Grand Green’, is a fusion between Victorian china and Japanese woodblocks. An oribe glaze accents my hand-carved linoleum texture mats, used to create the fabric of these handbuilt pieces.


Bill Pfeffer

I was born and raised in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, along the foggy shores of Lake Michigan. In the early seventies, I escaped the long, cold winters after graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Economics.  Bumming around California in the early seventies, I became interested in computer programming and eventually settled into a prosperous career in this field.  Late in my computer career, painting became a hobby.

It was a frustrating experience, but with classes and encouragement from my wife and local artists, my style gradually evolved into one of the broad brushstrokes, vibrant palettes, and bold thick paints that is now characteristic of my work.

Many of my paintings are framed or rendered on antique frames and objects (as shown in my header photograph), discovered at antique stores across America. Each frame is a unique size, so I use gessoed masonite as a painting surface which can easily be cut to an exact fit.  Sometimes, I’ll have the urge to create custom frames manufactured from salvaged pieces of lumber or old barn wood.

A few years ago, we rebuilt our garage into a comfy studio where much of my work is created. I’m not a prolific painter, and it takes a while for me to release a painting as finally done. We enjoy participating in art shows and meeting other artists and patrons, though those opportunities have been infrequent the last few years.

Finally, my wife Marge and I enjoy traveling around the world, having explored 92 countries (Travel Articles from Around the World), visiting with our extended network of family and friends spread across the country, and volunteering at our Sack’s Hospice Store in Petaluma – Marge on the cash registers, and myself stocking the books.

Carmen Froemke

CarmenQ has been designing jewelry in her Novato , CA studio for over 20 years. Her pieces fuse regal elegance with everyday wearability


Christine Paschal

I make Jewelry, ornaments, sculpt in polymer clay, woodworking and watercolor paintings on sand dollars.

I use seed beads, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, sea glass, stones, and shells I hand paint sand dollars, sculpt with polymer clay for pendants Jewelry & art boxes & woodwork

Dana Boyko

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/glasshouse.sf/

It is my intention to create beautiful works of art that are uplifting to your spirit.

Treat yourself or someone you love to gifts that beautify your home and body. My inspired 1-of-a-kind designs will enhance your style and your interior spaces.

My shows have been wonderful. It is awesome to be fully immersed in my Bay Area communities. You continually inspire me.

You can view my work by visiting me at art & wine festivals, farmer’s markets & pop-up events where we can connect directly.

My shows are listed below and on Instagram where you can like & follow me to stay connected @glasshouse.sf

Fused Glass Creations is a woman-owned business. I source my supplies & raw materials locally, have a small batch/shop small philosophy, and as such sustainable, zero-waste studio practices.

Deborah Haeffele

My work is done in a traditional manner with layers of oil applied to gessoed canvases. I use contemporary gestures with a palette knife, brush, and thin glazing to create a sense of light and depth.

Donna Schaffer

I have lived amidst wine country vineyards since 1990. From every window of my home, I see vineyards and/or oak trees. How could I not be a painter? This is truly an amazing area with the forests, the lakes, the vineyards, and not far from the ocean. Each sunrise and sunset takes your breath away.

Sometimes I feel like I should’ve been a botanist or biologist instead of a fine arts oil painter. I’m always searching to find information about my flora or fauna painting subjects. What are their habits? What are their lifespans? Where can they be found? My passion for specific scientific knowledge increases my familiarity with each subject. I believe one should “paint what you know.”

I’ve been so lucky. Art wove through my early years in advertising and publishing. That resulted in the development of my personal dimension of oil painting over the last 20+ years – especially in the painting of incredible natural environments – the flora of Northern California and the undersea world of marine life.

I spend many hours each week painting outside in nature (Plein air) and/or studio painting. My work is represented by the Upstairs Art Gallery in Healdsburg, California, and Corrick’s in downtown Santa Rosa, California. Two weekends each Fall I am a part of Sonoma County Art Trails at my home studio in Dry Creek Valley just outside Healdsburg, California. Contact me and I’ll let you know what the details are for this year’s event.

Gloria Rubio-Verduzco

I create beaded flowers, petals, and leaves utilizing a Victorian Era wire wrapping beadwork technique, some of which surrounds crystals, pearls, and gemstones. I also create Dia de Los Muertos jewelry items and hand-shaped/hammered copper Jewelry and decor.

My items fuse traditional beadwork techniques and my Mexican heritage and vibrant colors with modern designs.

Holly Wallace

Glass has always been my deepest passion. I’ve worked in blown glass, fused and cast glass. I am constantly amazed by the infinite expressions of light/color/form in this medium. The work I’m offering here is my latest journey into larger scale sculptural work.

As a member of the LGBTQ community, I appreciate this inclusion.

J Scott Cilmi

The focus of Scott Cilmi’s paintings has been to create a sense of energy and spirit through color, composition, line, and shape. The energy could be loud and powerful or quiet and subtle. He is most interested in using juxtapositions of color and exploring how layers affect each other.

The new paintings continue and expand upon visual abstraction as an evolving language/ non-language in which the painter and the audience correspond and share ideas with each other regarding our consciousness and the inner-sel


Jacqueline Luders

These pants are fold-to-fit, made with a buttery soft stretch knit, featuring various farm, garden, and animal-inspired prints. They are constructed to last for many years. I love their versatility and concept behind consuming less (especially with kids that grow so fast).

I make adjustable baby pants designed to fit for the first 4 years. You simply roll up the waist and down the legs as your child grows. Comfortable, functional, long-lasting, and made with love.


James Lassak

I use a slab construct technique to create each one of my textured dishes. I wheel throw my garlic keepers and use a New York-style cut on my olive dishes. Cone 05, coyote brand, food-safe glazes




I  am a local Healdsburg artist making metal signs from recycled steel with oxy-acetylene torches and a laser. Get creative with my product as you customize your personal sign of love with my modular word and symbol pieces, assembled with a bell and suncatcher. 

longer… Utilizing a torch I create uplifting and inspiring messages, called Signs of Love from recycled metal. I hand form and paint each sign for durable outdoor use. My product line is modular so that customers become the “artist” as I guide them with my metal designs to create their perfect meaningful expression. With over 50 words and 80 designs in seasoned colors, there are gazillions of unique signs of love for all occasions. All of my signs ring as chimes and/or shine as suncatchers

I am looking for the burned gratitude chime…. and the one from the art show years ago that says Healdsburg:)


John Reed 

Repurposed and recycled materials are used to make whimsical and functional objects of artful design. Materials are shaped using various processes and welded together. Heat patinas are applied with metal oil and finished with several coats of lacquer.

I have always been fascinated by how metal can be manipulated to reinvent itself. I am a wayward Californian who is traveling back to visit family and friends, living in San Rafael, in September. I thought it would be fun to find an art show to show my work while I am out there.



Karen Greenberg

Mi Juleree is all about beads. Beads from Switzerland, Argentina, Peru, the US, Russia, Ghana, Ethiopia, the Czech Republic, Italy, India, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, and more. And yes, from China. They are the masters of culturing pearls, having been in the business of pearls for thousands of years.

My job begins like the craftsman of hundreds and even thousands of years ago seeking out beautiful and unique beads. I seek out bead traders come from around the world. Today we call them trade shows, long ago they were called bazaars. I am no different than my counterpart in 1042 or 300 BC.

 Mi Juleree designs reflect the extraordinary colors, textures, shapes, and materials from different cultures integrating multi-layers of textures and creating unique one-of-a-kind, and limited edition pieces.

I like to think of my jewelry as a metaphor for what is possible when different cultures come together and discover that each has something wonderful to contribute. With time and attention to detail, together, they can create great beauty.


Leah VonEhrenkrook

Ragavon is based out of Oakland California where they design fantasy-inspired clothing, jewelry, and accessories. They transform old and recycled clothing into a new, improved and original fashion design. All of their one-of-a-kind pieces are made from recycled, donated or eco-friendly materials. 


Linda Amato

My collection consists of necklaces, pendants and earrings. For the past 18 years, I have been traveling to Murano Italy to work with my partner Marisa Ferro, who hand makes all the glass elements and collaborates with my designs. Each piece is individually created.


Lissa Herschleb

I have had years of angst and practice. A willingness to find an Earthly expression to the nagging glorious inner voice that wants to come out. It has pushed my mind to learn skills and my hands to move in ways that express what would be my personal mark. That quest is never ending as my artist parents taught me through their perserverance until they could no longer make. I find it a priviledge to be one who cannot do without visual expression.

The artist life is not one that can be explained to those who are intrigued, who serve us with curious converstaion. It is other-worldly to connect with a muse and bring forth her voice. That is where dedication comes in. Artistic expression is made from a lifetime of listening and endless hours of seclusion responding. Only on those terms does anything result to tease the insecurities of the artist constantly riding the edge of expression.


Luba Stolper

Luba Stolper is a contemporary artist whose passion for art comes to life in oil paintings reminiscent of the Old Masters. Born and raised in a small village in Ukraine, Luba spent much of her childhood in nature, capturing her surroundings through drawing. After moving to California, equipped with a keen eye for color and ascetics, Luba enrolled in The Fabric and Textile Design School in Berkeley, where many of her designs were featured in fashion magazines. As a self-taught artist seeking to enhance her ability, she studied for three years under the direction of artist Charles Becker. In 2015, Luba traveled to Florence to participate in an international workshop to deepen her knowledge of the intricacies of painting still life. With the desire to refine her skills, Luba has been training in Academic Style at The Russian River Atelier under the guidance of masters Naomi Marino and Jay Blums who received their education at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence.


Maggie Joyce

My focus is to make something beautiful from a material that would otherwise be discarded, creating something you are familiar with and something you wouldn’t expect.  

     I don’t believe plastic is going away so I decided to utilize its positive aspects while doing my part to keep it out of landfills.  So with a commitment to recycling and a nod towards found objects, my creations will bring a curious second look and hopefully a smile.


Mary Hammond

Fiber Art pieces created by sewing together scraps of yarn, fabric and thread into a variety of designs. Most pieces are long enough to worn as a scarf, used as a table runner or wall hanging.


Michele Holland

Natalie Joy

I am a cyanotype maker + botanical painter living in Sonoma County, California. The cyanotype process captures the inspiration around me to create unique pieces of original art. 

I find a balance between abstraction with realism through monochromatic blue photography. Themes of growth and returning to nature are at the heart of my work.


Rachael Brogdon

We are an artistic family that enjoys creating and sharing our crafts. Upcycling repurposed materials into unique works has become a full-time family business. Green Pisces Designs features the works of Sonoma County artists Rachael Brogdon, Candace Bailey, and Brian Bailey.  Cee Glass, Rachael Brogdon Jewelry, RB Bailey Barrels, and Bottlecap Betty are all divisions of Green Pisces Designs.


Rebecca Madrone

I was born in California near the ocean and have lived in the Bay Area most of my life. I am drawn to the beauty and intricacy expressed in nature. As a child, I loved birds and started drawing them with soft pastels. My grandfather was an artist who painted in oils—huge canvases of flower arrangements, deserts, and wild ocean scenes. He would surprise me with gifts of pastel sets, paints, and paper to get me started. I also loved playing outside in the garden, and started to experiment with seeds and grew my first sunflowers in fifth grade. I was impressed when they passed me in height to over 8 feet tall.

I studied drawing at City College of San Francisco with Fred Berensmeier and Ray Holbert in my early twenties and discovered that learning how to see was the basic skill for visual artists. I worked as a garden designer and horticulturist, “painting” with color, shapes, and texture and fragrance, and began to photograph my sojourns into the wild and beautiful Sierra Nevada. For me, photography is the art of painting with light, and the camera’s shutter a way to freeze an image in time to allow a closer look.


Renate Kuprian

I moved from Italy to the USA before continuing my studies at Sonoma State University where I graduated in 2003 in Fine Arts. I am inspired by the natural world; it probably has its roots in the mountain ranges of the Alps in Italy, where I grew up.  Living here, in Northern California, makes me very happy. I’m surrounded by natural beauty and I find great inspiration in it. With time my work has become more intuitive.  I rely on subconscious recall and educational theory. Working with oil paints is very gratifying to me since my focus is on layers, building them up and scraping back, finding stuff I had forgotten about.  The painting starts to get interesting and develops its own story.  Besides oil, I love working with collages and mixed media. The play between texture and color is very playful and gratifying to me.  Overall my work is very adaptable; sometimes I create representational work and sometimes pure abstract work. I hope that you enjoy my work and thank you for taking the time to visit my website.


Ryan Beckman

Beckman Built Boards are a one-of-a-kind board art. Each board is made out of exotic hardwoods. The unique boards’ adds an element of design to any kitchen or dinner party.


Sandra Chu

I work intuitively responding to the paint, because my work is about things that can’t be expressed in words. I build up my work in layers to add depth. My work is exciting, energetic filled with emotion.


Sarah Ammons

My paintings combine pattern, figure and object to create psychological scenes open to the interpretation of the reader. Influenced by midcentury illustration, expressionism and psychoanalysis, I use graphite, gouache and oil to explore the psyche.


Sarah Voorhies

Facebook: @sarahvoorhies21

My wheel thrown functional tableware in white porcelain and stoneware clay is comfortable in the hand, pleasing to the eye and features forms and glazes which enhance the foods they contain.


Sten Hoiland

I was initially drawn to wire sculpture by the early forms of Alexander Calder. There is a constant challenge in working three dimensions with wire. Because it’s still basically a line drawing, the figures are stuck somewhere between two and three dimensions. I’m constantly trying to suggest as many good vantage points while maintaining simplicity to keep the energy as light as possible. The changing shadows cast by the movement of the figures add additional dimensions to the sculptures.

I love the elated energy and movement in the leaps of dancers, though I am also drawn to themes involving the whimsical, dry humor of everyday people, activities, and objects. I also enjoy playing with wildlife and humorous pet themes.

Working in both steel and aluminum wire, I bring my ‘studio’ (a small basket) with me everywhere I go. This allows me to perform a demo in my booth throughout the show.

Stephanie Willshon-Butler

Stephen Bruce


You have probably encountered his work as it has been on some of the most popular TV shows and movies to come out of Hollywood in recent years. From House, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, Californication, Big Bang Theory, and The American Housewife, to movie sets (The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Avengers; Endgame, Horrible Bosses, and The Social Network, his acid paintings on copper help set the scene. Richmond-based award-winning artist Stephen Bruce is not a cliché — he is a phenomenon.

The East Bay Arts Community

Raised in Sacramento, Bruce recently moved his studio from Oakland to Richmond, where he revels in the flourishing community of East Bay Bohemians. Working in a stand-alone warehouse in the downtown district, he now enjoys a closer relationship with many of his clients and the galleries that represent him.


Susan Searway-Fertig

Whether I am working on a two-dimensional plane or in photography I try to capture the essence of my subject by focusing on their lines, patterns, textures, forms, colors, and shapes. My hope is to find a unique perspective in all my work.

My digital art series starts as watercolors done in a life drawing session or photography at wine tasting events or vineyards. I scan those into the computer, create the silhouettes in one program, and do a photo-montaging technique within each silhouette. There are 150+ layers of figures within my Dance Art series Persona: A Figurative Series or 150+ layers of leaves, grapes, and grapevines within my Wine Art series A Grapevine’s Persona.

My artwork is then printed as limited edition prints on dye-infused metal prints and is all signed and numbered or they are printed as open edition prints on a variety of different materials and/or art merchandise.


Tari Bruce

I use water-based clay to sculpt Indigenous People with mixed mediums to show the color of their lives. I do soft sculptures which include mixed medium and handmade papers


Terry Sauvé

After painting “for the joy of it” for most of her life, Terry Sauvé moved to San Francisco in 1996 to train formally at the Academy of Art College. Here she honed her craft, studying with some of the area’s best painters including Brian Blood, Craig Nelson, William Maughn, and Randall Sexton. In 2000, when she did her first public art festival, the doors to the art world flew open. She was immediately picked up by one of Sausalito’s best galleries and has since exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the country.

Today she focuses on painting the landscape. Feeling a deep connection with nature, she is inspired by the natural light falling over a scene. Capturing this magical quality of light is one focus of her paintings, as is “pushing” the color found in nature to enhance the painting. Her method includes taking photographs, making sketches, and occasional color studies on location. From these references, she works on larger finished paintings in her studio. Here, she transmits what she has absorbed from studying color and light in nature into her paintings.

In a world in transition, Terry’s luminous landscapes connect the viewer with something both ephemeral as well as transcendent. Her images are archetypal– hitting with a deep emotional impact, creating a sense of harmony and balance. Living close to nature in Northern California with her husband, Paul, and son, David, she paints the places  she loves most.

Whit McLeod

My found objects are the industrial discards that I find locally, mostly from the wine industry. This of course includes barrels and their parts but also includes innerstaves or “flavor sticks” from the more contemporary micro-ox fermentation process.
From this used material new objects are created with an artful eye and science background.

The art is in the concept and form, the science in the engineering required to process the materials into something new and useful.

Utilizing discarded materials often eases the burden on the earth.