From the Fire


A Community Reflects and Rebuilds

From the Fire: A Community Reflects and Rebuilds commemorates the anniversary of the firestorm that devastated large areas of Sonoma County and the North Bay in October 2017. The exhibition will examine the fires from personal, historical, and environmental perspectives, as well as highlight art’s power as a healing tool and creative outlet. From the Fire will open on October 6, 2018 and run through January 27, 2019.

From the Fire will bring together The Fire Wall and The Fire Collection, projects developed immediately after the fires under the banner of The Fire Project. Included in the exhibition will be a digital display of The Fire Wall, showcasing hundreds of artworks and stories submitted by members of our community. Salvaged artifacts contributed by the community to The Fire Collection will also be exhibited.

In addition, artists including Teresa Camozzi, Brian Fies, Kimberlee Koym-Murteira, Gregory Roberts, Adam Shaw, and Penny Wolin will present original works created in response to the fires. A timeline tracing the advancement of the wildfires, showing the efforts of the first responders, the coverage of the press and media, the valiant efforts of individual heroes, and our efforts to rebuild over the last year, will all be topics covered by this wide-ranging exhibition.

The exhibition is meant to bond our individual attempts to process and honor what we lost, while cherishing what was gained – new perspectives, stronger bonds, and a profound appreciation for the human spirit. It is our hope that the combination of community-based artworks, installations by professional artists, and salvaged objects will create a meaningful experience that will prove to be healing and renewing to the community, and will inspire us to continue to grow together.


Museums of Sonoma County

425 Seventh Street

Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Opening Reception

Saturday, October 6

3:00 – 6:00pm

Free with general admission

Schedule of events to be announced shortly

Fire Project sponsors:

The Codding Foundation, Creative Sonoma, The Engine is Red, Exchange Bank, Eugene Belogorsky, Steven and Angela Gelber, Gaye LeBaron, and Lawrence and Jacqueline Simons.