with Samantha Buller

April 25th 2020

9a.m-4p.m. (one hour lunch)

Location: Healdsburg Community CenterFee: $198

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In this one day workshop we will all work through a landscape painting together, with step-by-step instruction. Learn the steps to take in order to move throughout a painting and create a finished piece. A landscape photo reference will be provided.

We will start the morning all together, followed by individualized attention. After lunch, Samantha will demonstrate how to continue working on your painting, leaving the remainder of class for you to go at your own pace. An end of class critique will help students see the beauty in their painting, as well as give a direction in which to finish the piece at home, if need be.

In addition to the items on the materials list, please bring one medium to large painting surface (18”x24, 20”x20”, 24”x30”….)

Like to take your time when painting? Stick to an 18”x24” or so…If you feel you are a fast painter, go bigger!