Margaret Grisz-Dow

Margaret’s passion is found in using the clay surface as canvas –  with vivid color and Asian brushwork. Developing her own brush technique, she first began studying Japanese Sumi-e while in high school.  Margaret uses handmade bamboo brushes to paint her pottery and ceramic jewelry with flowing images of fruit, flowers, the figure, birds and animals. She has worked extensively in porcelain, Raku, low fire, cone five midrange, and explores Mishima  ~ a Korean incising technique on leather-hard clay. As passionate about teaching as she is working in clay, Margaret offers classes to adults, teens and children. During the summer she hosts, with her daughter Isabel, Magic Carpet Art Camps for Children ~ week-long explorations into creativity, in a nurturing, home studio environment. Born and raised in Chicago, Margaret came to San Francisco seeking the meaning of life, and to join the American Craft Revival on the West Coast. She graduated from Southern Illinois University with a BFA in Ceramics / Art Education, did graduate work in Art Education at San Francisco State University, and has been a professional ceramic artist and teacher for over 30 years.
“I love working with clay ~ intuitive, sensuous, linking heart & hand, it retains the imprint of touch. In my ceramic art, I wish to combine beauty & function, offering them as companions in the use of everyday objects–living with beauty, & offering that to others.