Outside the Box

Finding Connections, Patricia Walkar

Outside the Box – With its roots in early human history, abstract art has become one of today’s dominant forms of artistic expression. Recent exhibitions show that far from being indefinable movements set apart from the mainstream, abstraction in its various forms has produced some of the most memorable, influential, and best loved art of any era. Today, thanks to our interconnected world, abstract art has gone global! No longer limited to Europe and America, abstract artists from across the globe are expressing and communicating in the language of line, form, color, and gesture.

Exhibition Dates: August 29 – October 4, 2020

All of the work in the exhibit in included in the catalog below. Some artists may have more than one piece, which is viewable when you click into the artist’s listing. Click on the images for a larger view.

The following works are now SOLD:

Barren Fields by Niloufar Farzam

Together and Apart by Margo Frank

Walking the Reservoir by Katie Korotzer

Tabernacle by Abbey Stace

Thin and Icy Crown by Abbey Stace

All applications must be submitted through EntryThingy

Exhibition Chair:

Candy Anderson and Susan Sweet