Loose & Expressive Acrylic Painting with Joanie Springer

Find out how creative YOU are!  In each session, Joanie will demo with acrylic paint and lead you through every step. Lots of instruction for loosening up and enjoying more. Here’s a chance to paint more expressively than you would on your own.
Joanie Springer is a popular Sonoma County art instructor and will be doing a quarterly series at HCA. Her expressive paintings are collected locally and internationally. Her enthusiasm for creativity is contagious!

This series is open to artists 16 years and up! ONLY ONE RULE: NO FUSSINESS ALLOWED! 

10:00AM – 2:00PM

Fruity Fun

We will paint an assortment of fruit from life and I’ll show you how to make original paintings from photos or magazine pics or you can bring fruit, bowls, even teacups from home.

For artists 16 – Adult
Registration Fee: $80

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 Materials List for Joanie’s workshops 

Please bring the following supplies: 

1. Apron – art can be messy business ; ) 

2. Water container, rag, some paper towels 

3. Brushes – an assortment is good 

4. Acrylic paints – artist or student quality, even Martha Stewart craft paints would be fine 

5. 140lb watercolor paper or canvas. Bring extra paper too in case you finish early. 

6. Sketchbook and pencil for our practice sessions 

7. A palette larger than 8 x 10 for mixing your paints. The more room the better. 

8. Bring printouts of your subject, or have it on a tablet you wish to work from. Phones are generally too small to work from. But not impossible. 

We will be taking a lunch break. Great restaurants nearby. Or bring a bag lunch. 

A copyright free website with awesome images is 


Faces are exciting, moody, full of character…the tilt of the head, the glint in the eye, the way the mouth is drawn….faces are fascinating to paint. Bring a mirror if you would like to try a self-portrait, and/or bring magazine pics of faces you would like to paint, family photos, good face shots, or just use your imagination! 


There’s nothing more heartwarming than painting our furry friends. Bring a picture of your pet, a few different views would help. Focus on face or tilted head. Bring any picture of an animal you love and wish to paint. 


Best subject ever! Bring a small vase and some flowers. You can paint what you bring, or we can mix up all the different vases and flowers and have a few options to paint from. We will work from our own arranged floral setup or group set up. Alternatively, you can bring a few reference pics of florals you like. 


Welcome to joyous still life painting. Bring fruit, or some little objects around your house. Even a flower is fine. Maybe a napkin, or something fun like a patterned scarf or tablecloth. We will work from our own arranged objects. Tea cups, coffee cups, but don’t forget the fruit! Lemons, apples, pears…berries.


Previous Sessions

JSpringer_My Frida_072016

Dec 9, 2017  10:00AM – 2:00PM

Fabulous Faces

Using acrylics, we will paint a few fun and fabulous faces. Bring photos or magazine pics and we’ll transform them.

For artists 16 – Adult
Registration Fee: $80



JSpringer_Mr Dress Up June 2016

Furry Friends

Winter – Feb 17, 2018
10:00AM – 2:00PM

Using acrylics, we will paint our furry (and unfurry!) pets. You can bring pictures of your favorite animals, too, and we’ll transform them into something original.

For artists 16 – Adult
Registration Fee: $80


10:00AM – 2:00PM

Fun Florals

We will paint a few fun florals from life and I’ll show you how to transform photo or magazine images into something original. Feel free to bring a vase with fresh flowers, simple is good.

For artists 16 – Adult
Registration Fee: $80