Pam Sibley

I am curious about and inspired by candid views of people and animals as well as natural and architectural scenery during my travels.  It’s natural to want to paint these slices of life, but acting on that instinct happened only recently.

My current journey in painting began when I saw the work of French artist Jean Arene in Avignon, France. I was intrigued by his ability to capture moments in time, painting local people in daily activities. He uses simple, broad brush strokes, often with bold light and shadow to emphasize features or elements of the landscape. He captures a rapidly changing culture and expresses the mood of the moment. I want to do the same.

Inspired by Arene’s work, I began to paint with oils again after a long hiatus. Mine is a journey of discovery and experimentation. When I think I know what I’m going to do, the paintings often take on their own lives. The best results occur when I give in to this phenomenon, dropping preconceived notions, working intuitively and letting images unfold on the canvas. It is both a playful and a meditative process.