Portrait Photography 101- With a Fashion Twist

Ages: 12 – 17

Location: Virtual and in-person (TBD)
Ages: 12 – 17
Dates: July 12-15
Times: 4:00-7:30 pm (when natural lighting is best)
Instructor: Nicole Schlaeppi
Cost: $200
To Register: https://healdsburg.z2systems.com/eventReg.jsp?event=4029&

One-hour online lecture followed by a two-hour in-person practice each day.
In this class, you will learn

  • The basic fundamentals of what makes a beautiful and striking portrait.
  • How to analyze Natural Light and to shape it in a way that demonstrates your vision as a photographer.
  • How to get inspired by your location and conceptualize images that will highlight your subjects.
  • Practice your new skills with professional models and get instructional feedback photographing a portrait with a fashion aesthetic.
  • Professional retouching in photoshop and how to put those final touches on your images.

Classes will be held online and in person. We will start out the day with an hour-long Zoom lecture from 4:00-5:00 pm then move to various locations around Healdsburg from 5:30-7:30 pm when the natural lighting is best to have in-person practice with several professional models.  Locations to be determined.

Nicole Schlaeppi

Based in San Francisco, CA, Nicole travels regularly for fashion and commercial photography assignments. She focuses on the intersection of reality and make-believe to create fantastical images that express confidence and vulnerability. Her images balance serenity and wanderlust, and transport viewers through a synthesis of location, model, and her vivid imagination. Nicole enjoys creating emotive, colorful imagery. She is inspired by feminine strength, unique beauty, and radiant light.

Find examples of Nicole’s work at www.nssphoto.com