Project Shine-A-Light

Healdsburg Center for the Arts Project Shine-A-Light will benefit two programs.

Your donation of any amount will help us meet our goal of $10,000.

1) Scholarship fund

This fund is used to fully or partially underwrite scholarships for one of HCA’s many art programs. Over the last year we were able to sponsor twenty-three budding artists. Our goal is to more than double that number this year. The majority of scholarship requests come for our Annual Summer Art Camp which offers opportunities for youth ages 4 – 16, but we also offer them for our ongoing after-school program and various weekend workshops. Your $100 donation will Shine a Light on a child’s art experience.


2) Buy a Light

The HCA lighting system has been experiencing failing fixtures over the past two years, resulting in less than optimum lighting on the artwork. Lighting is critical when exhibiting artwork and this fund will enable HCA to display artists work in the best possible light. Our goal is to replace all fixtures in the gallery. Your $40 donation will purchase one fixture and bulb that will Shine a Light on art.
Any donation will help our drive, you may select other and enter your desired donation. Please remember to let us know which program you wish to support.


Thank you for helping Healdsburg Center for the Arts