[one_fourth][/one_fourth]April 28 thru June 3, 2018

Reception: April 28, 5 – 7PM

Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead uses shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.” The Tate Museum

With its roots in early human history, abstract art has become one of today’s dominant forms of artistic expression. Recent exhibitions show that far from being indefinable movements set apart from the mainstream, abstraction in its various forms has produced some of the most memorable, influential, and best loved art of any era. Today, thanks to our interconnected world, abstract art has gone global! No longer limited to Europe and America, abstract artists from across the globe are expressing and communicating in the language of line, form, color, and gesture.



We thank Rileystreet and Shelton’s for their sponsorship of Purely Abstract!




Purely Abstract Jurors:

Satri Pencak holds an MA in Art History and is an independent art curator, writer, speaker, and consultant.  She writes about visual arts for the Sonoma County Tourism website, as well as other publications.  satripencak.com 
Jerrold Ballaine is a nationally recognized painter and sculptor with roots in Abstract Expressionism and the Bay Area Figurative Movement.  Ballaine studied under Richard Diebenkorn at the San Francisco Art Institute and taught at UC Berkeley for 30 years. 



Purely Abstract Artists:


Jizell Albright
Sonja Bakalyar
Lisa Bang Hoffman
Mandy Bankson
David Bartlett
Thomas Basile
Michael Beckler
Kate Black
Maurice Blaug
Michelle Bond
Larry Bunch
Dan Cassidy
Martha Channer
Aliza Cohen




Stephan Crawford
Catherine Daley
Rene Dayan-Whitehead
Max DuBois
Joeann Edmonds-Matthew
Margo Frank
Janey Fritsche
Jane Fusek
Anna Gelman
Dilcia Giron
Shotsie Gorman
Branka Harris
Serena Hazard
Bernadette Howard
Francine Huss



Elaine Jason
John Jester
Michaele LeCompte
Bonnie Levinson
Barbara Martin
Gale McKee
Robert Minuzzo
Christine Muratore Evans
Marian Murphy
Sara Mutlu
Eileen Parent
Susan Parker
Pamela Pierson
Jennifer Pretzeus




Susan Proehl
Nancy Ramsey
Deborah Salomon
Holly Savas
William Schempf
David Smith
Stephanie Steiner-Jacobi
Steven Stodor
Jeffrey Sully
Jami Taback
Colin Talcroft
Mary Vaughn
Nikki Vismara
Carole Watanabe

Nancy Woods 


HCA is pleased to announce the following awards:

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE:  to David Smith for Climate Change and Larry Bunch for Arcing Lines

DIRECTOR’S AWARD:  to Elaine Jason for Homage to Louise

CLICK HERE to view the Purely Abstract catalog

Enjoy a short video of the exhibit below: