Ralph J. Ramirez

I began my career in woodturning upon my retirement in 1996.  I studied turning locally and in Utah.  My art is created on a lathe specifically designed to turn wood.  My lathe, a  John Jordan Stubby,  is manufactured in Australia by Omega Corporation.  This lathe  can turn a piece of wood up to 30″ in diameter and 32″ in length.  It has a 2 HP motor and has electronic speed control.  Tool technique is very important and necessary to create artistic pieces.  Before I turn a piece of wood I visualize the shape to be turned making sure to make the cuts that preserve the most figure and color.  I then mount the wood on the lathe orienting the piece so as to create that visualized shape while retaining the figure.  I do not color the wood; Mother Nature has provided all the color that is necessary.  I turn many kinds of woods which include:  redwood burl, maple burl, walnut, elm, oak, carob, olive, black acacia and many others.