Samara Johnson

HCA welcomes Samara Johnson as a gallery artist sponsored under the Emerging Gallery Artist program, sponsored by Clay Nesbitt and Dean Gross. Their participation in this program is an homage to the late David Robinson, long time friend, Healdsburg resident, founding owner of the Kitchenware store on the Plaza, past Board Member of Healdsburg Center for the Arts and strong supporter of the arts. Besides being one of the strongest advocates for the annual Opera in the Garden, David was proud of the support HCA gave local artists and young artists. Clay and Dean believe participating in the Emerging Gallery Artist program is a fitting memorial to David’s legacy.

Samara’s Statement

As a person who is always in movement and making connections in the world, I strive to build on what I know.  From being raised in rural Alaska, to studying art/art history and the French language at a university in Paris for 1 year, to living in/studying art in California for about 8 years, I have learned to respect the ever-changing settings in my life. I create as a way of imploring an environment and its effects on a person/vice versa.

I perceive each new experience with curiosity and high sensitivity. I believe that everyone both affects and is affected by each encounter with their environment. As I create an image, I combine a figure in an environment and create a narrative of thoughts—past, current, and future. As someone who has moved through different environments, I bring pieces of those memories with me. I treat the figure as another moving part in the imaginary setting. I integrate into my work topics such as: anxiety, adapting to technology and new personalities, loneliness, and physical/mental illness and strength.