March 17 – April 22

The  fabric of our reality is changing more rapidly than it ever has before. Technology is progressing at an unprecedented rate, and social media has changed, in an evolutionary blink of an eye, the millenia-long development of our social interactions. Now we have the opportunity to see that it is not only our own island of reality that is changing: the change is worldwide. Conversations are brought to light with the strength of multitudes joined together.The fabric of our humanity grows pulling our histories with us while creating an entirely new tapestry.

REFUGE + PRECIPICE invites works of sculpture that explore these ideas: how do we respond at this pivotal moment? Where do we seek to explore the risky edges of our collective dream and how do we create a refuge when needed?

Opening Reception: March 17th 5-7pm

Closing tea: April 22nd 2 – 4PM

Participating Artists

T Barny
Riis Burwell
Spencer Brewer
Nancy Brown
m.c. carolyn
Megan Cherry
Reggie Davis
Paul Hanssen
Heather Hillard
Lutz Hornischer
Ann Iverson
Rolf Kriken
Mike Laflin
Liz Mamorsky
Nancy McHone
Esther Siegel
Dave Stohl
Paul Terrell
Rhonda Trevethick
Doug Unkrey
David Weitzman