Still Life with Color

Samantha Buller returns to HCA to lead a four hour workshop on painting a still life, focusing on capturing vibrant color. This is an intermediate oil painting class that begins with a one hour demonstration to learn the steps on how to work through a painting. By the end of the workshop you will learn to use confident brushstrokes and capture clean color, while trying to simplify composition and shapes.

Still Life with Color, Oil Painting
November 19, 2016
1:00 – 5:00 PM

Please bring:
A painting surface of your choice no larger than 20″x 20″

Oil Paint
Titanium White
Lemon Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Red Light and/or Medium
Alizarin Crimson
Sap Green
Phthalo Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Burnt Umber
Veronese green
Permanent Rose and/or Quinacridone Rose
Gamasol (Gamblin Odorless Spirits)
Brushes (#2, #5, #8, #12 are what Sam tends to work with)
Medium (Sam uses Neo-megilp by Gamblin)
Palette/palette paper
Easel (HCA has a limited supply, please indicate on your registration if you will need an easel)