The Archeology of Form: Abstraction in Layers

Location: Healdsburg Community Center – 1557 Healdsburg Ave. Healdsburg, CA 
Ages: Adult
Dates: Sept 18 & 19
Times: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Instructor: Mira M. White
Cost: $275 (Additional materials fee $20)

This 2-day workshop focuses on building an abstract visual structure through the application of multiple layers, working primarily with a combination of dry media, acrylic paints & collage. Dry media includes graphite, soft pastels,  transfers. We do morning exercises, have informal lectures and continual demonstrations. The intention of this workshop is to enrich your current practice with a combination of spontaneous, innovative paint processes and mark making. Ample time for personal exploration and individual attention.  For continuing artists.


Liquid Media: Your collection of acrylic paints
                        White & Black Gesso
                         Acrylic gloss medium
                         Matt or Gloss Acrylic Gel

Dry Media:     Soft Chalk  Pastels( should include  Sennelier or Schminke or
                         Great American Artworks, Pan Pastels can be included),
                         Colored Pencils, Watercolor Pencils, Water-soluble Oil Pastels,
                         Water Soluble Graphite ( Lyra brand from Amazon or Blick),
                         Dry pigments ( optional)

Surfaces:       2 sheets full size Gessoed watercolor paper, 140 lb or 300 lb hot or cold press
                      10 pieces smaller sheets of Strathmore watercolor for exercises
                      2 same size size cradled wood panel at least 12″  for focused diptych

Mediums: Gel medium- mat or gloss &  Liquitex Clear Gesso(I use this as both a clear barrier and as a tooth providing surface)

Additional Tools:

Palette of some form- Cookie sheet or tray is great
Wax Paper or freezer paper
2 Spray bottles 1 for water and 1 for Alcohol
Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70%
Dense Foam smooth rollers – contractors pack- roller handles are separate
Your collection of brushes and scraping tools
Drawing board of some kind- 1/2″  foam core is great- and light
Collage papers ( totally optional and your choice)

Mira M. White


Colorist and visionary, American artist Mira M. White is an award-winning painter with an exhibition record both domestic and international. .

     Her professional responsibilities include a full teaching schedule of classes and workshops in multiple media.  Widely respected in Northern California Bay Area art communities, she has in recent years broadened her teaching venues to include workshops in  New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Washington. 

      BFA with High Distinction, MFA with Distinction California College of Arts & Crafts.  A member of CWA,  IEA ( International Encaustic Artists) ,National Museum of Women in the Arts, Arts Benicia and OPUS, an art collective affiliated with the Jen Tough Gallery.