Healdsburg Jazz Village

New for 2019!


for Healdsburg & Geyserville Schools

June 3-7

Healdsburg Jazz will expand Jazz Village in 2019 by adding an exciting new dimension—Jazz Village Campus! Healdsburg and Geyserville schools will be invited to participate during school hours June 3-7. Our goal for Jazz Village Campus is to engage students to participate in high-quality music learning experiences and to increase music education opportunities at the elementary school level.

Jazz Village Campus programs are offered free of charge to all schools in Healdsburg and Geyserville, pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Some classes will be bilingual, although music is a universal language that involves and inspires

students at many levels. Each day there will be five to six music education programs that schools can choose from.

Workshops are designed by highly experienced musicians-educators who are skilled at teaching in public schools as well as world-class artists. The music programs address the California Content Standards in music, history, social studies and literacy.


Jazz Village Campus workshops include:

RHYTHM SECTION | Orchestrated by musician-educator Ami Molinelli

The Rhythm Section is a designated area with four programs running simultaneously. Examples include:

  • PUTTING IT TOGETHER: Students will explore the power of sound and how it manipulates They will learn to accompany a song from Africa while playing percussion rhythms.
  • RECYCLING RHYTHMS: This class will focus on the art of bucket drumming using unusual objects as instruments and creating It will teach stick and hand techniques, independence, rudiments and composition, and the art of funk and buckets.
  • THE ROCK GAME: This class demonstrates how to work together as an ensemble or The Game is adapted from one that originated in Ghana, West Africa. The goal is to show that if one person is “out of sync” with the group, then the whole group falls apart—a metaphor for community and musical collaboration. Students will learn how everyone’s voice is important.
  • INTERACTIVE ART WALL: Local artists will help students create art to recorded or live music to make a Jazz Village Campus The goal is to create art based on the concept of improvisation: “paint what you hear.”

MUSIC AND LITERACY AREA | With author and performer Matthew Gollub

Jazz Fly (Pre K- 3rd grade) and Jazz Fly 2 (up to 6th grade)

Matthew Gollub, the creator of the award-winning Jazz Fly children’s books, will treat students to rhythmic storytelling and drumming, engaging them with interactive percussion and writing. Gollub performs renditions of his books, inspiring students to read and write for pleasure. Bi-Lingual.

BLUES STAGE | With bluesman Guy Davis

With “Routes of the Blues,” Guy explores two prominent styles of the Blues—Mississippi Delta and the Piedmont/East Coast forms—through storytelling and playing 6-string and

12-string guitars and harmonica. Incorporating geography, history and student interaction, Guy takes students on a journey that slices through a fascinating part of the American musical landscape. Students will participate in the rhythmic and kinesthetic experience of a work song by singing and moving.

Will you help bring the community together through music by becoming a sponsor or patron?

By participating as a Jazz Village and Jazz Village Campus sponsor, you will help us connect the community in an inspiring, jubilant atmosphere and add to the vibrant arts and culture scene in Healdsburg. You help fill the gap of decreased arts education funding in our schools. You expand the audience for jazz and highlight the contributions of our jazz musicians. By supporting our 2019 “Mini-festival within the Festival,” you help make the music equitable and accessible to everyone regardless of economic circumstances.

Call 707.433.4633 or email Gina Riner at gina@healdsburgjazz.org to learn how you can become a sponsor or patron.