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Spring 2023 Classes

We have a variety of classes and workshops for all interests and ages!

Anna Homchick

Anna lives in Sonoma County.  Her formal art education included classes at UCLA where she worked in pencil and later studied oil painting. Her artistically-accomplished Aunt suggested she explore printmaking as she could see themes and a style that would transfer well to the medium.

Anna has had minimal formal training in Linocut, prefering to develop on her own, while studying accomplished linocut artists. She is drawn to the reduction method, which begins and ends with a single linoleum plate, with the artist adding layers of detail and color changes with each removal of detail from the single plate.  Errors are not tolerated, and one must be fully committed so as not to damage the plate.

Anna likes to do landscapes, with California and Sonoma County often featured. She enjoys the work of artists who can show space and atmosphere in their prints, she tries to achieve this effect with her prints.