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Festival of the Arts

Our signature end-of-summer celebration of the arts returns!

Jennifer Whitfield

My Brush is my Voice … For as long as I can remember, I have always been mesmerized by the ever changing majesty of my world.  I love the dance of light on moving surfaces, textures and tangles, organic tessellations, and the brilliance of color intensified during the last breath of sunlight on a landscape. Nature’s bounty has always provided rich inspiration for my paintings.   I find great satisfaction playing with different mediums and techniques always challenging myself to re-create the tapestry of our environment’s detailed beauty. Layered mediums, painted collaged paper and a variety of creative techniques are used to build “The William’s Pond Series” and body of work which serves as a means to communicate my voice, dreams and emotions. Upon a closer look, the observer might catch a glimpse of the message behind the painting.”