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Festival of the Arts

Our signature end-of-summer celebration of the arts returns!

Karen Greenberg

Mi Juleree is all about beads. Beads from Switzerland, Argentina, Peru, the US, Russia, Ghana, Ethiopia, the Czech Republic, Italy, India, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, and more. And yes, from China. They are the masters of culturing pearls, having been in the business of pearls for thousands of years.

My job begins like the craftsman of hundreds and even thousands of years ago seeking out beautiful and unique beads. I seek out bead traders come from around the world. Today we call them trade shows, long ago they were called bazaars. I am no different than my counterpart in 1042 or 300 BC.

 Mi Juleree designs reflect the extraordinary colors, textures, shapes, and materials from different cultures integrating multi-layers of textures and creating unique one-of-a-kind, and limited edition pieces.

I like to think of my jewelry as a metaphor for what is possible when different cultures come together and discover that each has something wonderful to contribute. With time and attention to detail, together, they can create great beauty.