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Festival of the Arts

Our signature end-of-summer celebration of the arts returns!

Karen Greif

greif_karen029_face0Inspirations for my paintings come to me as color observed, as sunlight on a leaf or a luminous gray stone or the subtle colors in evening shadows.  I bring my vision of color to my prepared canvases where I bring combs, netting, bubble wrap, bottle caps and kabobs to achieve a base of texture which gives depth to my paintings.  I use successive layers of color to add dimension and subtlety and to achieve a luminous depth and radiance.

Abstract influences have been very strong in my work.  Painting a representational chair isn’t as exciting as interpreting a chair as an abstract.  The challenge is to paint the essence of a chair without its form.  With acrylic paint and other media, my colors assume lines, shapes, composition and balance.  The painting leads me and tells me what to do next and I follow.