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Festival of the Arts

Our signature end-of-summer celebration of the arts returns!

Lissa Herschleb

I have had years of angst and practice. A willingness to find an Earthly expression to the nagging glorious inner voice that wants to come out. It has pushed my mind to learn skills and my hands to move in ways that express what would be my personal mark. That quest is never ending as my artist parents taught me through their perserverance until they could no longer make. I find it a priviledge to be one who cannot do without visual expression.

The artist life is not one that can be explained to those who are intrigued, who serve us with curious converstaion. It is other-worldly to connect with a muse and bring forth her voice. That is where dedication comes in. Artistic expression is made from a lifetime of listening and endless hours of seclusion responding. Only on those terms does anything result to tease the insecurities of the artist constantly riding the edge of expression.