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Festival of the Arts

Our signature end-of-summer celebration of the arts returns!

Pamela Moulton

I am Pamela Moulton. For over 40 years, I worked as an Educational Psychologist practicing my “art” through words. Over the years, I was able to refine my ability to recognize that moment when I have all that I need to have “it!” “It” is that special instant when everything clicks and collectively makes sense!

In 2007, I picked up a camera to explore the possibility of evoking the same amount of feeling or empathy for others through photography. I love the contact, the personalization and the challenge that comes with making pictures!

While I have a propensity towards environmental portraiture and street photography, I am still on my journey, exploring different genres to fulfill my desire to elicit an emotional response both in front of and behind my camera.

My primary goal is to “seize the moment” and hopefully grasp the soul of the subject whether it is a homeless adolescent in Nigeria, a bridge in Paris or a spoon at the local Healdsburg watering hole!

I invite you to find your special moment – “Carpe Diem!”