Jennifer Whitfield

Jennifer S Whitfield is a Sonoma County and Cape Cod award winning artist. Her current work in acrylic mediums, soft pastel and watercolor paintings can be view on her web site, As a lifelong learner, and curious by nature, Jennifer continues to explore acrylic mediums, collage and soft pastels to express her depth of thought and emotions.

My Brush is my Voice… For as long as I can remember, I have always been mesmerized by the ever changing majesty of my world. I love the dance of light on moving surfaces, textures and tangles, organic tessellations, and the brilliance of color intensified during the last breath of sunlight on a landscape. Nature’s bounty has always provided rich inspiration for my paintings. I find great satisfaction playing with different mediums and techniques always challenging myself to re-create the tapestry of our environment’s detailed beauty.”

Jennifer grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where she spent a childhood immersed in art. “I was born an artist and can never remember a time when I was not building, drawing or creating.” Jennifer graduated from California State University of San Jose with a BA in Fine Arts and Design. In 2011, she retired from a rich and diverse 34 year teaching career. No matter what subject Jennifer taught, she always provided opportunities for her students to excel through creative expression.

The artistic flood gates opened during Jennifer’s three year living experience on Cape Cod, MA (2011 – 2014). It was during this time Jennifer was invited to join an experimental artist master’s group under the direction of master painter, Mary Moquin. “I was able to play with different mediums, work alongside professional artists, take amazing workshops, fill in the holes of formal fine art education and rediscover the artist I was born to be.”

The culminating highlight of the Cape experience was an invitation from the Falmouth Artist Guild to submit an acrylic mixed medium painting for a show which was hung in the Boston State House during the summer of 2014. “Family Meal”, from the William’s Pond Series, along with 23 other outstanding Cape Cod artists, spent the summer months in view for the global public as they toured the Senate chamber, under the golden dome of the famous Boston State House.

Currently, Jennifer lives in Northern California with her husband and family where every beautiful day inspires her creative spirit. Jennifer thrives in her studio experimenting with new materials and technique. Her love of organic design and an appreciation of natural details in her environment are evident in all that she creates.