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Art Trails - Exhibition Preview

Sep 7 - Oct 8. Located at HCA on 334 Center Street, Healdsburg.


I  am a local Healdsburg artist making metal signs from recycled steel with oxy-acetylene torches and a laser. Get creative with my product as you customize your personal sign of love with my modular word and symbol pieces, assembled with a bell and suncatcher. 

longer… Utilizing a torch I create uplifting and inspiring messages, called Signs of Love from recycled metal. I hand form and paint each sign for durable outdoor use. My product line is modular so that customers become the “artist” as I guide them with my metal designs to create their perfect meaningful expression. With over 50 words and 80 designs in seasoned colors, there are gazillions of unique signs of love for all occasions. All of my signs ring as chimes and/or shine as suncatchers

I am looking for the burned gratitude chime…. and the one from the art show years ago that says Healdsburg:)