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Sandy Young

SANDY YOUNG is an award-winning artist with work in collections throughout the U.S. and Europe. She has been represented by the prestigious Eleonore Austerer Gallery in San Francisco and Palm Springs, Sandra Lee Gallery of San Francisco, Eminent Design Gallery in Rancho Mirage and Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, among others.

Young is known for innovation in her work. This is evident in her layered compositions of mixed-media and kiln-formed glass where she has developed new techniques and forms to achieve the effects she desires.


I express moments in time that not only represent the physical, but that include the inner experience, as well.

I weave imagery into multiple planes in order to create a feeling of dimensionality. This aspect of my work also serves as a metaphor for the multiple dimensions of life experience. Markings and handwriting symbolically represent tracings of internal experience. Distressed and fragmented layers allude to the passage of time. As with memory, one moment is erased, while the next is painted, leaving only impressions of the first.

I am often inspired by turn-of-the-century photographs, handwritten documents, and time-worn objects. I see these as evidence of someone or something gone before and use them to convey timelessness. Mixing old with new, combining disparate images and elements, I seek to create harmony and express connectivity among all.