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Tove Norlander

norlander-webI was born and raised in Norway and have been designing jewelry in silver and gold for the last 40 years.  My jewelry is made using the “lost wax method.”  I first create the jewelry in wax, using tools resembling dental tools and a Bunsen burner. The piece is then set in plaster and burned out in a kiln, eliminating the wax and leaving a cavity in the plaster in the shape of the finished product.  Molten metal  is then poured with centrifugal force into this cavity to form the jewelry.  After the casting comes the filing and the polishing, which is very time consuming.
My designs have an elegant, sculptural quality, giving the jewelry versatility for both evening and day wear.

Over the years, I have sold my jewelry in fine stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and in Europe.  I have found a niche for myself in Wine Country in Healdsburg, California.

Contact: phone: 707.486.0220