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Charlene Doiron Reinhart

My Japanese mother brought to this country her collection of kokeshi, simple wood dolls made of two spheres connected together by a small peg. Enamored with their simplicity and grace even as a child, they became totemic figures for me. Combined with my paternal Cajun joie de vivre, they symbolize my tenuous connection to my mixed ancestry and my own journey across cultural barriers.

There is an inclination toward narrative, allegorical work that appeals to me. Incorporating games, proverbs, icons, and idioms into my work have a humorous and ironic quality I cannot resist.

Clay is a challenging, resilient and lively medium. It responds to the touch in an immediate and spontaneous way that appeals to my senses. The challenge is allowing for the accidents. Every fracture, crack and mark activates the surface. It is the written dialogue between the medium and myself.